Vote Now

 As some are aware, i have been nominated and shortlisted for the best hunting video(film5-My Life) by the Monocular Video Awards Show. It is now down to the vote.

This is where I desperately need everyone's help. This may not appear a big deal to everyone else, but to me it is. I cannot do anymore, it is all down to the good folks that take 30 seconds of their life and click on the VOTE button.

The vote is on Facebook so you will have to log on but below is a direct voting link to my film.

Alternatively you can log onto Facebook via linked page, select category-Best Hunting Video look on the bottom where you will see 5 thumbnails, my film is bottom right(with red land rover) Click on that to reveal info about film and click on “cast your vote” underneath. Thank you for taking the time to vote, I have been saving my smiles for just a moment like this.