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Rabbit Control

Traditional methods in a modern world

covering Suffolk, Norfolk & Essex.

Providing a professional and courteous service you can trust to be reliably carried out across the eastern region of England.

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The environmentally friendly and non toxic methods of rabbit control we use include FERRETING, Long Netting, Lamping, shooting with night vision and thermal imagery, Cage Trapping, Rabbit Fencing and Drop Boxes.

Recent research has shown that in the eastern section of the United Kingdom up to 2008, the rabbit population has increased by 79%. This is why it is important to fully understand why after financial input and optimum timing to ensure essential control of other crop pests and diseases, rabbit control should be regarded as essential as the previous. History has proved that over time that it is a false economy to pay for crop protection with insecticides, fungicides and herbicides and still leave the crop vulnerable to damage by rabbits.

We only utilise and specialise in traditional rabbit control. Experience has shown that not every rabbit problem can be overcome by the use of chemical or mechanical means and methods. Rabbits thrive in challenging areas. Rabbits have capitalised on the security and harbourage by having their warrens near roads, buildings and footpaths and on sensitive natural and industrial habitats which cannot be gassed due to safety and legal issues. The skills required for such a specialised service has been built up after nearly twenty five years of rabbiting experience. These skills are vital as rabbits are unlike any other pest specie and the skills required to combat these and work in their natural environment are rather more testing.

We offer an environmentally friendly method of rabbit control whilst running no risk of non-target or secondary poisoning to pets, livestock or wildlife, something that cannot be said of gassing or the use of the rodenator style devises. Whether in urban or rural areas the methods used by Simon Whitehead and team are not so limited.

The methods I use are adaptable, versatile and efficient as well as being sympathetic to the wishes of those in charge of the land of which I am working. Each method can be combined and tailored to be sympathetic with the request of the landowners or the land itself. The various methods of management utilised include fencing with drop boxes fitted, ferreting, shooting with various silenced firearms including the use of the latest night vision equipment, lamping, trapping and long netting.

Our services are available to and work in conjunction with estate managers, farmer, landowner, gamekeepers or tenant. From a National Trust property to a small vegetable patch, however large or small, a rabbit problem is still a rabbit problem to those experiencing it. I appreciate that most land in East Anglia has organised shoots operating during the season, livestock breeding or events to maximise the lands usage. Therefore, using my experience with such situations, careful planning and liaising with the appropriate people in charge of such events, I aim to gain the maximum results from the rabbit management programme designed for each individual customer with the least amount of disruption to the immediate environment. During a free site survey, a full risk, health and safety, method, environmental and wildlife impact assessment are carried out when and where required to suit each individual case.

Contact Simon on 07766 168817 or simon@pakefieldferrets.co.uk for a free initial meeting and survey, the costs of any operation will vary depending on time, personnel and the methods employed.