Experience true hunting on your doorstep - Experience Days on Tour.


After a few requests from around the country , I am now offering my experience days in your home county. If you have the land with a supply of rabbits and can press gang at least four people to join the day, I will gladly travel and have the days on your own turf so to speak. Contact me for more details.


Ferreting Experience Days

In a rapidly populated world obsessed by the digital world, to many, offline experience days have become essential to personal fulfillment. Experiences in which help us learn, grow as a person and connect with not just nature but each other.

The perfect way to enjoy the holistic harvesting of the wild rabbit in a sustainable manner whilst being sympathetic to the environment and experience the thrill of ferreting whilst taking in the captivating beauty of nature in its rawest form. Take a day away from your normal hustle and bustle and enjoy a day in the countryside practicing one of, if not the most fulfilling of countryside crafts, ferreting with Simon Whitehead.

Simon is an author, professional rabbit controller, filmmaker, journalist and host of the much sought-after ferreting experience. Ferreting has not only been steeped within our history, but it has weaved together our social fabric with a blood red thread.

Ferreting offers a whole package of not just field craft but life skills. Enjoy your digital detox by going right back to the origins of where our food came from and harvest your own with the aid of some ferrets and a few nets. The provenance of your rabbits is undoubtedly unquestionable.

Each experience day is completely tailored to the needs of those on the day. It could be a introduction to ferreting, a full days ferreting, a catch and cook day where you harvest, break down, cook and eat the results of your day in the glorious countryside.

Simon’s ferreting experience days are tailored to suit the individuality of the people on that particular day. It could be on the hill watching the dogs and ferrets work together, on farmland using nets or as are popular, harvesting your own rabbits to then learn about everything from field dressing, breaking the rabbits down, field dressing, skinning, jointing, preparing and cooking a basic meal hundred of metres from where they were harvested.

What makes these days different to any others?

Your host for the day is me, Simon Whitehead from Pakefield Ferrets and Traditional Rabbit Management. Not only am I a professional rabbit controller, author, contributor to The Shooting Times magazine, film maker, consultant on all matter’s rabbits from management to conservation but a raconteur of some reputes of whom talks and demonstrates all over the UK.

I have been the focus of many TV programmes related to rabbit management and the promotion of rabbits as a healthy and sustainable food source. Why? Because I know my subject matter inside out, understand the mechanics of how the media world operates and what is expected of whatever task I am set.  The only way I can deliver consistently is to constantly evolve in who I am, how I operate and the results I deliver.

My experience days are so much more than just learning about my world of ferreting but the ability to be able to personally tap into my knowledge, hear my tales and see first-hand the passion I hold for ferreting. I have been ferreting for thirty-five years and the last eighteen I have worked for myself. The only way I could survive doing this was if I was good and I knew what I was doing. This longevity has seen me evolve not just as a rabbit controller, author, journalist and writer, rabbit conservationist, politician, teacher as well as a human being, all thanks to my ferreting. All this life experience can then be transferred into personally hosting my bespoke, tailor made days to suit. My aim is to offer and deliver the right day to the right people.

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