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Run Rabbit Run! DVD
    Run Rabbit Run!  
    A Rabbiters Tale  
A visual diary following the journey of rabbiting aficionado Simon Whitehead.
    Throughout his rabbiting year, from the Yorkshire Dales to the hedgerows of Suffolk, Simon and his friends illustrate why as a nation, we have so much to thank the rabbit and rabbiter for.  
    Simon travels up to the Dales to meet up with Torchie, Shaun, Richard and Sooty to experience their rabbiting utopia. The hosts then travel East to sample the sandy warrens of the Suffolk coastline.  
    Simon also provides a glimpse into his world by illustrating his nets, air rifle, dropboxes and cage traps to name but a few.  
    Bob Merrin joins the boys in a memorable days ferreting where Bob, Torchie and Simon are all on the same warren for the first time as a trio.  
    Nets, dogs, ferrets, spades, traps and rifles all combine to bag the bunnies for Run Rabbit Run.  
    Running Time: 109 mins (approx.)  
    PAL 16:9 Format DVD  
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